Voice and Accountability

Peter Ambrose Lijualikali

Peter Ambrose Lijualikali current Member of Parliament for Kilombero Constituency in Tanzania, one of the youth leaders in the Pan Africa Programme Msafara Youth initiative engaging with members of the Public

Through this programme, PAP seeks to contribute towards peaceful and stable power transitions by ensuring people-led democracies. This is expected to impact positively on long term development and promotion of the Rule of Law. Some activities in this programme include;

  • Strategic Advocacy: Convene dialogue spaces for Civil Society Organisations, political parties and private sector at national and regional levels to take responsibility and engage, protect and promote democracy by undertaking crucial institutional reforms to improve accountability and responsiveness to citizens.
  • Capacity Building: Enhancing capacity of Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) and youth networks on democratic principles progressively ensuring monitoring of governments’ implementation of policies and laws on democracy and peoples’ engagement with election management bodies on creating conducive environment for women and youth to participate in elections and to seek elective posts.
  • Domestication and Implementation of International Instruments:  Engaging Pan Africa institutions e.g the Pan African Parliament, NEPAD and the African Union to account on implementation of key instruments e.g African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance(ACDEG).
  • Research and Evidence Production: Development of empirical evidence on implementation of policies and laws on democratic principles; in partnership with National Human Rights Commissions, anti-corruption agencies etc.

Countries where this program is integrated

Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, South Africa, Liberia, Senegal, Somalia, South-Sudan, Mozambique, Morocco, Zambia, Burundi and Uganda.

Stakeholders we work with to implement this program

Department of Political Affairs African Union (AU), African Governance Architecture, AU Department of Information and Communication, REC's, Pan Africa Parliament, National Human Rights Commissions, country Election Management Bodies, Country Anti-Corruption Agencies, Judiciary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CSO's, National Registrars of Political Parties, Media, National CSO/ NGO registration bodies.