What we do

AU Summit in session

We are Oxfam Pan Africa. We are driving citizen engagement towards a peaceful, democratic and self-reliant continent

Oxfam International believes that a strong and dynamic civil society is a precondition for pro-poor change in Africa. Enjoined to the Oxfam International vision of a just world without poverty, we recognize the primary agency for change in Africa lies in Africa and with African organisations. To this end, we support a strong and autonomous Pan Africa campaigning force of pan African coalitions, alliances and social movements to articulate their change objectives and work closely with their own members and partners at various levels.

We work with social movements, Civil Society Organization (CSOs) and their coalitions and alliances, directorates at the African Union (AU), Regional economic blocks (RECs) and Governments to influence, popularise and implement key international and continental policy standards, pledges and human rights instruments Inequality, exclusion and marginalization are the consequence of the failure of the African state to regulate the distribution of sub-soil assets and other natural resources, financial capital and markets in a fair and responsible manner. Consequently, the majority of African men, women and children remain marginalized by their lack of voice, visibility and informed participation in setting the public policy agenda and holding political elites accountable.

In order to achieve our strategic objectives, the Pan Africa Programme (PAP) will support and strengthen civil-society organizations which will hold their governments and other power-holders accountable ensure that in all that we do we aim at achieving real improvements in the rights of African women and other marginalised groups, be guided by Oxfam‘s shared objectives as a confederation and draw on existing resources and exploit synergies wherever possible in order to demonstrate our added value to internal and external stakeholders.

Peace and Security
We are keen to strengthen influence, shape and support adoption of progressive security and related policies at the national and regional levels supported by decisions of the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC).
Vendors and traders along Sigida market in Kinshasa, DRC
This programme encompasses interventions targeting Extractive Industries, Agriculture and Climate Justice and our work in Financing for Development. Download our latest analysis on EU official Development Assistance in the Agriculture Sector in Africa.
Gender Justice and Women’s Rights
We address Women Land Rights; Violence against Women and Girls, Women’s Peace and Security and monitor the implementation of Women’s Rights instruments in Africa.
Voice and Accountability
We are contributing to peaceful power transitions in our focus countries and ensuring people-led democracies. We have a deliberate programmatic approach that takes into account youth agency, voice and participation.