Gender Justice and Women's Rights

What is the position of women in Africa 57 years after the formation of the African Union? How would the world look like if women had secure access, and control of their land, and natural resources? Would the food crisis be managed differently during emergencies, like the big one we are now living...
Valerie Mukangerero (53 yrs) walks to her pineapple farm in Rwamurema village, Eastern Rwanda, Kirehe District. Credit: Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville / Oxfam
In Africa, land is an indispensable asset, yet, unnuanced, land belongs to men. This is despite women growing 70 percent of the food that feeds the continent. The World Bank estimates that just under 13 percent of African women claim sole ownership of land, compared to 36 percent of African men.
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